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So Elon's purchase of Twitter is on hold

Too many bots according to Musk. Could be. Could be him renegotiating the price. Could be him attempting to destroy twitter rather than buy it. TBH I questioned why a business man would ever buy Twitter. Most of its money comes from government 'dark money' not advertising and should Musk buy it that source of revenue would dry up immediately.
gubmint dark money funding Twitter?!

Where do you people come up with this sort of lunacy?!?!

Do you realize the term "dark money" generally refers to billionaires anonymously funding GQP candidates? You're using it wrong.

hippyjoe195561-69, M
@BreadAndCircuses If you are not aware of that it says more about your state of unawareness than anything else. Too Funny!!! You have no idea what is happening behind the scenes. How many jabs did you get?
That you think you are aware of completely nonsensical things that only a minority of people, and people who are completely irrational and illogical at that (hence them being a minority), nonsensical things perhaps arbitrarily shared with you by Martians, Q, or a rock that looks suspiciously like a human and seems to speak to you ... speaks volumes about people like you

The fact that you don't even question what your crazy uncle Chester (substitute the rando of your choice, who claims to have the secret truths somehow unknown to billions of others) tells you speaks volumes about your lack of critical thinking ... you shouldn't be allowed to care for pet brine shrimp, much less vote, omg ...

hippyjoe195561-69, M
@BreadAndCircuses You realize that nothing you posted proves me wrong. How many people got vaxed because the government told them too?
Are you ready for his neauralink chip in your skull
RodionRomanovitch56-60, M
Oh he's such a tease.

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