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I Love Lsd

I’ve always liked psychoactive drugs. The last time I did Lsd was the night before a Easter and I had a total trip dream that changed my life in a good way. I was mostly alone and going through major problems but this dream was truly like divinity was reaching out to embrace me when I needed it badly, and often trips go south if you’re in the wrong frame of mind when you start. I’m grateful to some of those substances that are considered bad, like mushrooms, because they bring me love that I’ve never felt from anyone except my departed child.
Chaoshead · 22-25, M
Eh - I hate the idea of taking substances like that to feel certainly "feelings" or a new "perspective". People should deal with their feelings; not use drugs to circumvent them.
RETQU · 41-45, F
@Chaoshead I don’t ever use them to solve my problems or necessary even hunt down a particular feeling in general. I used them in school a few times with friends and just happened to have good experiences with them. I know much better than to use them often both then and now. It’s not a real answer to anything but sometimes it’s such a good feeling that it reflects in your life. The better we are the more good we attract to ourselves and I definitely felt better and my life dramatically improved in some ways.
How would you describe your experience with lsd in terms of what you saw and why it changed you so much? I’ve always been pretty interested but never got around to trying it
RETQU · 41-45, F
@Insomniac100 this time in particular my time awake was calm and dreamy. Colors were intense and beautiful and I felt more alive than I had in weeks. I have issues.. but my dream was so vivid it had sensation as if it were real so I thought it was. I could feel the skin of the hand I held and feel that dewy sensation on my skin like it gets on a cool night when the daytime hours were hot.
MURD3RM0NK3Y · 26-30, M
Last time I did lsd I ended up in the icu. I did 4 tabs and I was gone
RETQU · 41-45, F
@MURD3RM0NK3Y damn, yo. 4 is a lot. I’ve never done that much ever. I do it maybe once in 6 months at half a hit and I’m good, and not at all if there’s mushrooms.

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