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I Shoot Up Heroin

I started about a month ago when I found out my girlfriend relapsed and hid it. It was some foolish attempt to help her get clean and now it's sort of back firing. I like the drug, I've been OK so far, but we are on a pretty hefty pace. I will need to stop soon and I'm not sure she will stop with me. I hate to have to let her go but I also can't be an addict.
I really went in full stop, snorted it once and said give me the needle, we did 25 bags this weekend...
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biasedpanic · 41-45, M
@MalteseFalconPunch: That is the plan, I'm way out of my element and in over my head...and worse in love with an addict
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I hope you can stop soon. I have personally seen the devastation this drug produces. I know that you've probably heard these words a 1000x. But hopefully you will take heed on this side of the addiction, rather than death's door.
Ynotisay · M
That's a one way street dude.
If you're serious you don't stop "soon." That's what every addict says.
You stop now. You cut her loose now. Life's a solo man.
Good luck.
biasedpanic · 41-45, M
I have stopped for 10 days up until last week. Did the whole withdrawal thing. It wasn't unbearable just flu like
yllacsar · 46-50, M
More you do and longer you do it the worse withdrawl gets....
biasedpanic · 41-45, M
Why I need to be done sooner than later. Honestly at first it was sort of fun/interesting but in reality I find it a daunting high.
yllacsar · 46-50, M
Sooner you quit the less severe the withdrawl is all....
yllacsar · 46-50, M
Well - you're gonna be dope sick when you stop - so sooner the better.....ain't gonna be able to work or anything else while you're in withdrawl - so you need to factor that in as well...
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biasedpanic · 41-45, M
how kind of you

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