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I Am a Recovering Heroin Addict

Not sure there is such a thing.

Not on drugs myself.
TheBatQueen · 26-30, F
i dont know why people inject drugs straight to blood stream, it seems dangerous and stupid.
people say all drugs are bad but i think some of them isnt that bad, but injecting home made heroin after heating it up on a spoon seems to me dumb as fuck.

i hope thats helps you recovering
The phrase is used to differentiate between using and not using but to always recognize that if you're an addict, you're an addict, and eternal vigilance is required.
@Mamapolo2016 spot on
Actionjake · 61-69, M
Hear more about OD's and death than recovery.

Such a shame
@Actionjake less than 10% of all addicts (regardless of substance) even attempt recovery (ie abstinence) of those that try again about 10% achieve any long term sobriety
Actionjake · 61-69, M
@SW-User Good to know. As a general total you may be correct. Heroin.......could never find a stat.

Otter than fentanyl.. That stops them dead-in-their tracks.
@Actionjake don't know in USA I know opioids are a real issue. In the UK though there's about 1 heroin death a week, about 3 times from the prescription replacements (debate whether therefore prescribed replacements are a crime reduction measure not a health improvement measure) but probably about 1 every 20 minutes from alcohol.

Also alcohol withdrawal can kill you I had one horrendous alcohol withdrawal fit once whereas opioid withdrawal whilst yuck will never kill you.
I'm a recovering addict just my drug of choice was alcohol not heroin.

As @Mamapolo2016 says I use that as I only have a daily reprieve from addiction as long as I carry on my programme but I'll never be cured. If I started again I'd soon be back as worse as ever.
@Mamapolo2016 congratulations to you. I'm 14 years 11 months today. Day at a time
In June, three years. 😊Life is good.@SW-User

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