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What do you think of drug use? Is it inevitably tied to human existence?

Do you think it's unavoidable for humans at some point to make use of drugs to cope with their current situation? In that scenario would it be justified? Or is it just an overall bad habit that weak minded people use to cope with their problems?

I've met people from all walks of life who either have used or actively use them
redredred · M
There are troops of monkeys that eat kaolin rich soil so they can feast on unripe fruit without getting an upset stomach.

All kinds of drugs gave been used for eons.
Andromedanian · 22-25, M
@redredred so would you say it would be okay to decriminalize them since they're like a byproduct of all societies?
redredred · M
@Andromedanian I don’t see anything positive in the war on drugs. It seems to me it just creates a cash cow for the cartels. A part of me sees some merit in handing out pounds of fentanyl or crack to anyone who wants it. In six months at the latest the addiction problem would be solved.

The only thing stupider than drug use is legislating against it.
Andromedanian · 22-25, M
@redredred Yeah, honestly only corrupt politicians and criminals benefit from it, while law enforcement on both sides of the border give their lives to "enforce" anti drug policies that in reality are just there to make it seem as though if the government is actually doing something to control this.
sasanack · 56-60, M
weak minded people 🙃 is it beyond your mental capabilities to imagine that many great minds could handle drugs and booze and be successful and raise a family. 70 80 years ago when the US banned mary jane look at the waste of time and medical research lost because the cops needed someone to pick on after ie the C Gs after they lifted the ban on booze. yes i drink smoke the herb.......and have indulged in many different drugs worked all my life raised 3 kids , if you kids could get your faces out of your dam phones which is way more addictive and destructive than most drugs. 😳
Andromedanian · 22-25, M
@sasanack i didn't state that was my personal opinion, just giving some examples for what people may think of drug use.
Andromedanian · 22-25, M
@sasanack would you say that applies to all other substances? Like the de criminalization of substances in general would be an improvement?
You think too much. There's always been drugs and its definitions are as varied as a night sky of stars.
If you don't include single-malt scotch as a "drug", i've never used them. Nor many people I know.
pedrohedgerow · 61-69, M
The former,without a doubt.Now...wot ave i won? o0
Andromedanian · 22-25, M
@pedrohedgerow DrUgEIs

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