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The perfection of a hot bath!

When I got home from work yesterday the only thing I wanted for the first hour of the evening was a long hot bath πŸ›. We each have en-suite bathrooms, shower rooms in the apartment, but the bath is in the communal bathroom at the centre of the back of the apartment. It is also the only public toilet, for the use of guests. We both don’t like anyone using our en-suite toilets 🚽 in our bedroom spaces.

I hadn’t been in the house long when after petting the cats 🐈 I threw off my clothes, to the huge laundry 🧺 box we have in the utility room. I then went about drawing water, πŸ’¦ hot πŸ₯΅ water πŸ’§ to the bath, and I added the Dead Sea bath salts we have in a πŸ«™ jar.

I climbed into the bath πŸ›€ still with the jar πŸ«™ close by as it is a very good exfoliation rub, and being a natural light product you can rub it into your intimate spaces, folds, to enjoy the feeling of being completely clean 🧼. There is no feeling like it, Dora and I both enjoy it so. I suppose we have our Ukrainian πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ habits still!

When I had soaked my body for some time and washed my hair too, since Dora and I didn’t do hair on Wednesday, I pulled the plug, and let the water drain away while I stood and towelled myself dry. I threw all the towels into the dirty linen hamper later, once they had dried out on the heated rails. I pulled on my lightweight shortie cotton wrap and I went to see what to begin to prepare for dinner.

I found a few things to make a risotto from and went to my room to take off my nail varnish and treat my flesh with a luxuriant lotion, before I repainted my nails. In all I had enjoyed an hour in the bath πŸ›.

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