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Would we be the same in RL?

There are quite a few people i have befriended and it makes me wonder had we not met online would we be the same with each other?

Or is it that some people open up well anonymously and are rather reserved in their RL?
[c=4C0073]for me it's the latter .. i open up better online ..
in real life people think i am a snob bish .. but i really am not, i'm just lacking in self confidence and self worth so i dont talk to people much.[/c]
Angel77736-40, F
@SW-User haha people also think I'm snobbish in RL and they say they are intimidated 馃槀 but when they start talking to me they r surprised I'm so chill
I think people are more open online, but, who really knows? Me, it depends who I'm with. Sometimes I'm reserved. Other times, not.
DDonde31-35, M
Definitely the latter. It's easier for me to open up anonymously
Angel77736-40, F
@DDonde i can open up before a friend in RL but i find it easier to open up to strangers online
DDonde31-35, M
@Angel777 I understand
Dewkissedrose41-45, F
I like the anonymity
Angel77736-40, F
@Dewkissedrose I like it too
Crazywaterspring61-69, M
I do better anonymously. In RL I can look intimidating like an angry retired cop. (I'm not a cop or a fan of them.)
Crazywaterspring61-69, M
@Angel777 I'm not a fan of cops for many reasons. Like the several times I've been arrested for nothing.
Angel77736-40, F
@Crazywaterspring aww that's terrible. But why arrest for nothing? Do they harass u for any reason
I鈥檓 definitely more friendly online. There are things I鈥檝e discussed here that it took my rl friends [b]decades[/b] to find out. I鈥檓 very reserved in person.
Angel77736-40, F
@bijouxbroussard I never thought of you to be a reserved person..I'm glad you can open up here :)
I can only speak for myself ...I'm as bat shit crazy offline as i am online
Angel77736-40, F
@Chernobylplaygrounds you are hilarious
@Angel777 I'm hilarious offline too
Angel77736-40, F
@Chernobylplaygrounds i can bet u r !!
MilitantIrishShepherd26-30, M
Depends on the person. I'm very similar offline to what I am online.
Angel77736-40, F
@MilitantIrishShepherd I am similar when i start talking in RL.
Although social media often filters the true persona, I'm the same person offline as I am on.
Others may find it useful for overcoming shyness, etc., they face in RL.
@Angel777 Absolutely. The pressure is off then. No walking on egg shells.
Angel77736-40, F
@SethGreene531 I can so relate to that
@Angel777 馃槍 Yep, yep.
Leggs46-50, F
I do not open up much online nor real life.
I am definitely more talkative on forums. But, I try not to share much of my personal life.
Leggs46-50, F
@Angel777 One thing we have to do in our dept is answer the phone. We have this ongoing joke that to provide the best service, we should start telling the customers, "I love you" at the end of the call.
One thing I hear almost daily is I sound like an operator.
You don't know how tempted I am to say, "To speak with a representative, press one..."
Angel77736-40, F
@Leggs hahahah! i hate those press 1 , press 2 nonsense and then comes a long wait with "our customer executives at the moment r busy on another call, please wait while we transfer your call to....."
Leggs46-50, F
@Angel777 Or you go through 50 menu options and when you DO reach the dept you want, you get a recording saying they are closed for the day.
TheCaterpillar41-45, F
I am the same
Angel77736-40, F
@TheCaterpillar that's interesting
Subsumedpat36-40, M
Yes and no, if we had not met online and talked you would find I was more reserved in RL. But on here I would have told you things I pretty much don't talk about in RL.
Angel77736-40, F
@Subsumedpat that's pretty much the case with me as well
JohnOlinger36-40, M
Im the same in real life
Angel77736-40, F
@JohnOlinger interesting. I m the same in RL if that person becomes my gud friend
In real life I can't use cute gifs
Personally? I think I'm much more open with people in real life than online. Been burnt a few times online and not much I can do about it but not so in real life.
Angel77736-40, F
@Rooster that's really nice. Alway liked people who can be expressive in RL

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