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Well I got rid of all my propane tanks

I tell you I have been told that I am moving to another location where I'll have subsidized housing yay for me. But the thing was is that I have a propane gas grill for cooking I also had eight tanks of propane and obviously since I'm going to be living in subsidized housing with heat and electricity and all that good stuff I don't need that anymore.

So I advertised on Facebook marketplace and craigslist. And man did the flakes come out of the woodwork I had people saying "Well I'll take three, I want four, I want two" I said "Fine, let me know when you're coming then I can get them ready" "Could you hold them for me?" "NO, first come first serve" and usually they would never respond again like I said flakes.

Luckily I had one guy show up buy one and then another girl show up and by four and I said here's the propane hose that you get free and the other two I've got left they already spoken for and so I know those people will pay up.

Now all I've got left is a 12 volt RV fan which some van dwellers have in their vehicles I was planning to put it in mine but I never got around to it so I've got to sell that somehow......

Still all the tank money that I've collected I'm using that for my gas money to my new location and yes I'm going to need all of it....

Can't believe I had some idiot contact me just now asking if I've sold them all yeah the ad's been removed duh some people are just so stupid.
SandWitch · 26-30, F
I hear what you're saying! I stopped advertising on Craigslist because there were way too many fraudulent contacts being made to the ad itself, but then nobody ever showed up anyway.

I ended up using an online auction sale site to sell stuff which works exceeding well with no strings attached and nobody bugging you either. The auction site only charges a commission of 20% of the final sale price which is a good deal when you consider the alternative.

If you're selling a car or truck or RV, the commission is only 5%.

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