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Spending reveries

My Kindle has been acting up a little, when turning the page it goes to a different part of the book, this has been happening for awhile with some of the Delphi editions. So, there are embedded in these facts some ideas for immanent purchases:

1. a new kindle basic, the newest model, maybe 2 of them because dad might enjoy one of his own, he'd have all my books on it, but would only choose what he'd like.

2. an ipad to enjoy certain books that a regular kindle device wouldn't work for, using apps, my chromebook which i use in guest mode, isn't app friendly, with an ipad all that could change!!

3. Some physical editions of Shakespeare, the 2 volume Oxford Reference edition is close to 600 dollars, now some would go, Crazy, i'd never get that, but i'd be like "whoa, that would be a thing to treasure"

4. also we might still be getting a treadmill

March is when the last bit of inheritance money is divvied up between dad, me and my brother, dad has been saying about getting furniture, i sure hope he puts that on hold, he needs to be feeling better for that to happen, he's the kind of guy who do wants to things himself, not asking for any help except me to help, our home is so messy too, that no one but my bro is allowed, and that only on the main level, no way is he going upstairs or downstairs.

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