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If you're not ordering online stay out of the parking space

Just saw several postings over on Facebook about people who are going over to Walmart to shop and what do they do they Park in those pickup spots that are reserved for people who buy online come up pull in get some groceries dumped off and then leave quickly in other words quick and easy shoppers.

But no you get a bunch of people who think that they're entitled to the spot or that well I'll just be a minute and the idiot shop for about an hour and a half and they're jamming up the spots and everything and which hurts other people.

It's really this Time of the season where people are supposed to be nicer than normal to each other friendlier and more tolerant and instead they're just even the worst they can be this time of year.
its a dog eat dog world out there, if rules arent enforced, they pretty much dont exist, nobody cares
Are you gonna make it?
Disgustedman · 61-69, M
@SW-User oh frankly I don't give two s**** about the whole deal really but I just thought I'd pass it along and see what nasty idiots responded to a plea for civility.
@Disgustedman mhm. Keep complaining.
When the lot is full, us handicapped will park that's available.

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