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Not much bouncing around! [I Didn't Put a Bra On Today]

I am at best very slight, so I haven't a large bosom! I'm not going to give you my statistics here but suffice to say, for how thin I am they look I am proportional. I wear an A cup.

It's one of those measurements by which people choose to gauge a woman, which is not always the happiest thing for many women. Human relations aside, my not wearing a bra isn't one of the great attractions in life!!

If you're anything like me, putting on your bra goes something like this:

Wrap it around your ribcage so it's backwards, allowing you to adjust the hooks in front.
Hook it on whatever hook feels right in the moment. You're a free spirit!
Spin the bra around so the cups are in the front.
Put the straps over your shoulders, simultaneously putting your boobs in said cups.
Make minor boob-placement adjustments.
Go on your merry way.
rachelsj · 22-25, F
Mine are on the small side so i don't bother with bras
Society around the world might judge women for the way they look but I personally while am not individually blind to beauty and do have an apperciation for such things It doesn't confine or define my attraction to the opposite sex and if all you ever were was beautiful to me I would get bored.

I'm just being honest. one of the reasons why I am attracted to French women is that they are not from my country here in the USA and thus there is much being from a very foreign place they are capable of teaching me at least about their country and Expanding cultural boundaries is something I consider a goal so the fact that they are able to make me think and teach me things for which I am not already familiar gives them a step over the locals here in this country because an an autistic that is intrigued and interested I need more honestly than mere sexual chemistry.

This cat really needs all three forms of attraction to stay engaged. Sexual physical and intelletual...

Otherwise I just get bored. I need someone who not only turns me on but can make me think.
MrAverage1965 · 61-69, M
This is a measurement I would not guage a woman on. After all she cannot influence her size.
Sadly though I am sure there are some men who do as there are some women who guage a man on his size.
For the record I have always been more attracted by the begining of the alphabet.
You are very model like and I'm sure proportionally perfect. Of course some women need more support than others.
Personally I do like the look of lingerie on a woman, practical or not.

I do respect a woman and her choices. Whatever they feel comfortable with is fine with me..
supersnipe · 61-69, M
Yes most women 'spin it round'; it might be possible, if you're supple, to put it on and then reach round the back, but I've never personally seen anyone do that in real life... There was one lady I knew way back, and I don't know if she spun it round or whether she reached around her back, because when we were together it was my job to put it on her 🥰 It was more convenient that way; it was a nice thing for me to do, part of our routine together, and all she had to do was tell me which hook, and do the boob-settling thing herself. Then off to breakfast 🥐🥐🍵🍵
Bandit2398 · 51-55, M
I really don’t understand why society requires you to do this.
wetncthru · F
Why bother?!
A-cup is wonderful.

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