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With Aleix tonight

We are home now after a short visit to our favourite bar, where we had a couple of tapas plates with a couple of drinks each. I am not a big drinker because alcohol affects my medications. I haven鈥檛 eaten much today, like the last few days really.

When he arrived at our apartment and Dora was in the sitting room and salon, he said his usual platitudes and then led me out to my room. He said that he was hoping that I was going to wear a very short miniskirt and a cropped top out to the bar. I looked at him in disbelief 馃. It is a cloudy night and still fourteen Celsius, so the temperature hasn鈥檛 dropped much in quite a few hours.

I knew the skirt he wanted me to wear. So short at the back it shows my underwear to everyone as I walk a long, the front just covers the front of my undies. He had in mind what G string he wanted me to wear as well. I gave him a very concerned glance as I stripped my kimono style robe I was wearing and stood in front of him naked with his getting the string from my lingerie drawers. I have a low kind of chest of drawers that is an extension of my dressing table.

I next pulled on the micro mini skater skirt he was talking about, and found a woollen short button up cardigan as my only torso garment. I added flat kind of ethnic sandals and I was ready. I carried nothing. He put my keys in his pocket.

I saw everyone gawking at me as I moved around the bar. We were so late all the booths were taken. Our fellow drinkers had been there at least a half hour longer than us. We stood at the bar extension to eat and have our drinks. We chatted with friends as we did this and there were several comments about my outfit.

Now it鈥檚 time for bed!
MrAverage196561-69, M
How do you feel about him telling you what he wants you to wear?
Smidke26-30, F
@MrAverage1965 Y es I am not sure if I like it!

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