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I Love To Be Tickled All Over Tell Me How You'd Tickle Me

Years in the making but finally. A tickle buddy. To the jest of it. Found a free cuddle service, used it 4 times before getting what I really wanted. Won her over and managed to get her to tie me down and tickle me senseless while cuddling me! AND......
Gentlequill · 46-50, M
Sounds like a good time. People that are of like minds are hard to find.
jacki202014 · 56-60, M
Krystalmyth · 31-35, F
@Gentlequill Eh, we're on Discord, Fetlife, and seek gatherings. It seems harder to connect in general over time. By the time I'm up in years where I won't even really keep up, people are going to be using some subsidized device that will literally require proof of id for tracking, and you have to pay for color on your mobile and everyone is into it, and like your phone can tell people when you're horny even when you're not aware of it so people will chat you up more, and you know people will eat that up, and I'm just going to seem ancient wondering what happened to you know, chatting and you know, getting to know each other, while people literally meet people for tickling every day casually, and it's their first day looking even... and they do it for like hours, like, the stuff they write in fetish erotica. Because in a world where people can dox anyone, and nobody can hide maybe they'll figure out how to be open with everything.

Some will wonder about what happened to intimacy while two people are trying to orgasm by staring into each others eyes and they just met, like, totally different level of thought. Then like friend each other somewhere and never meet again, but theres like a dozen othr people they're planning on meeting, and all of them being so open, as windows become briefer, and life seems shorter, and the realization that tickling, just needs motion... a world that knows what they want, and can find the pieces only upon sharing them with each other. Before we're consumed by our growing narcissism~ there will be some really enviable years, I can see it.

I'll just find a tickle cult/commune somewhere someday.,, and play Playstation and cuddle with everyone. Or we could just do it now lol.

Hope you enjoyed this existentially realistic vision of the future. lol
Krystalmyth · 31-35, F
Good for you~ <3 Does she enjoy it? :)
jacki202014 · 56-60, M
@Krystalmyth yes, for the most part
Krystalmyth · 31-35, F

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