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I Am Extremely Ticklish

I was tickled almost to death today, lol. My friend whom I work on the same farm with LOVES to tease & play with me ( may have a little crush on me ). I allowed him to tickle me as a fun little challenge from my other good friend, Jim! Anyway, we were in the lounge just teasing back & forth verbally when, he brought up the free pass I gave him to tickle me. I didn’t have to say anything cause my face said it all. I told him go ahead & called him a little boy. He asked oh really & started poking the sides of my tummy. I squeaked & tried so hard not to slap his hands. I promised myself & Jim I wouldn’t, lol. He starts really wiggling his fingers around my sides & screamed at first but, than finally gave into laughing. My foot actually shakes, lol. Yeah, I have that new reaction when I don’t fight back. I giggled & laughed my ass off while squirming. Of course, he just had to verbally tease me too which, makes it worse, lol. He decided to gently put his thumbs on my hips, I told him don’t he dare do it but, he just asked or else what. I said I’d have to think of something. He pressed in a wiggled then around above my hip bones, it tickles SO much! I screamed first, closed my eyes as I laughed & kicked. He said “that’s the spot, right there?” I gigglingly told him no shit & he started wiggling his fingers up my sides up to my ribs than back down which drives me crazy! I laughingly told him I wanna hit him so bad. He than went all out! He said that’s ok, lifted my shirt & blew a huge raspberry! I scream laughed & called him a jerk face as my foot shook again. He said “ there’s that foot, you dancing? “. I said “ You still an idiot? “ He laughed & squeezed my knees, making me squeak & try to kick. He asked if I was gonna take it back, has he made his way to the center of my belly. I looked at him & shook my head & mouthed “Don’t you dare“ but, he gently wrapped his arms around one side of my waist & squeezed little squeezes on my ribs which really gets me laughing! We ended up falling off the couch & onto the carpet but, nothing stopped him. About 10 minutes of little tickles, we had to get back to work! It was so much fun for all of us 🥰
lilacs · 41-45, F
I'm very ticklish
RosieQ · 22-25, F
@lilacs Lol, I feel you. The lightest touch gets me :)
ticklerguy · M
Only 10 Minutes? lol
RosieQ · 22-25, F
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Rippie · 31-35, M
I’m ticklish too

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