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Instinctively taking care of others

None the less the past all the pain been done throughout my life to me,
Why do i not see past the need and urge to help those i think are in need ?

Even while my own health is mentally bleeding of trauma, pain, regret, distrust and more.
Somehow i can't escape my self giving the care and the means to others to recieve my support.

Is it my souls purpose ?
Is it cause of what i have seen and react on that to somehow justify my regrets and self blame ?
Anything else ?

What ever it is i hope it won't prove to be my downfall in the end.....
The tought crosses my mind a lot: "its the task given to me and my destinty to help none the less if it would become downfall should not matter"

Weirdly enough ..... thats all i can think off .....
Alison · 18-21, F
Hey Girl. U know I ❤ U right?
U just another trans mum, we r a plague. Own it.
KittyCat1992 · 31-35, T
@Alison Girl btw ❤️ i mean you know i would go through fire just as much as for my daughter right ?
Alison · 18-21, F
@KittyCat1992 Yeah me knows.
KittyCat1992 · 31-35, T
@Alison The brain instictively ofc functions as female the G.A.B. does not define us ofc
I even mothered my youghest sibling more than his own mom ever could do
I was only pressent for about 5% of his child hood

Tho i would give my life without second thought

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