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I Am Not Fake My Profile Is Real And My Pics Are Really Me

I just joined this site a few days ago.

It's to be expected that any free site of this nature is going to have phonies and poseurs. But the amount of them on SW is just staggering.

And they're not even good fakes! Pictures taken from the internet that still have the site name at the bottom - duh.

How many 18-21 year old females would want to join a site like this? Maybe three. Not every 20th one on-line lol.

Hopefully at some point the site owners will become aggressive and start culling the herd.

Rant over.
english56-60, M
I agree with every word you said , its what brought down EP so the powers that be havent learn a thing 馃槀
lasergraph70-79, M
The percentage of fakes is high as is the number of multiple accounts. I wouldn't venture a guess but over 60% wouldn't surprise me. I don't take too many seriously and that is probably a good idea.
lasergraph70-79, M
I am not totally sure, I think some do so if they are blocked with one they have another ready to go.
LucyAndEddy61-69, C
[@1319,lasergraph] That makes sense. Have one or more waiting in the wings in case the site blocks you. In those cases many sites record your IP address to prevent re-applying but if you already have a few extras on standby ........
lasergraph70-79, M
The site algorithm could still detect it but many are on from different devices in multiple locations. Work, home, coffee shop, etc.
helenS31-35, F
Don't take it too serious. It's a play with identities. Some may feel it's fun to be someone else. They can't be somebody else in real life so they do it here; some fail miserably though.
LucyAndEddy61-69, C
[@6602,helenS] I get that. On the internet we can be anyone we choose. But this site is supposed to be finding those who are similar to you / have similar interests. On that basis, the most populous group on here should be I'm A Totally Made-Up Person lol
helenS31-35, F
[@689540,LucyAndEddy] Haha if there were any such group I'd immediately join and [i]pretend[/i] I'm a fake person. Kind of double fake :-)
LucyAndEddy61-69, C
馃ぃ I'm so fake, I'm real.
CoffeeFirst56-60, F
How do you propose the site owners cull the herd?
LucyAndEddy61-69, C
[@372602,CoffeeFirst] Just like all other sites do. Internet pictures result in suspension, repeat = banned. Complaint reports are promptly investigated and if substantiated are acted upon. The latter is the main method.

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I am not fake. My profile is real and my pics are really me.
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