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The weird kids <3

No one ever understood why I hung out with the "weird kids", as a child I never saw them as weird I saw them and gifted, beautiful and unique. I have always had a type of respect for these kids they had something I didn't, THEMSELVES. These kids where themselves even when the world was against them. I had lost myself, I lived in a way where I sacrificed everything for the ones I cared about. I lost my voice and ability to be honest in bad situations. I have lost many friends because no matter how much I gave it was never enough.
I thought it was my fault, like maybe I didn't give enough. Now I know its not. I have finally found My voice thanks to these "weird kids" that I call friends. I cut off most things that don't benefit me anymore. They accept me and help me be my true authentic self and I try to do the same for them. YOU MATTER, YOUR VOICE MATTERS AND YOU ARE ENOUGH. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE ANYTHING TO PROVE THAT YOU ARE. As you are authentic you always have been and always will be enough. Love is not bought, expected or an obligation. Love is a FREE gift. You don't have to sacrifice to prove you love someone. Just be you and honest with yourself. YOU ARE ENOUGH BECAUSE YOU ARE LITTERALLY CREATED BY GOD, WHO IS PERFECT, DO YOU THINK THAT GOD WOULD CREATE ANYTHING LESS THAN PERFECT? One you understand who you are, and others are you will see things differently. I have always seen this love for others but not myself, WHAT MAKES YOU THE EXCEPTION? EVERYONE IS WORTHY OF LOVE AND HAPPINESS INCLUDING YOU. What makes the people you love more worthy of love and happiness than you? STOP SABOTAGING YOURSELF AND REALIZE THAT GOD IS IN YOU... YOU CAN DO ANYTHING. WE OURSELVES ARE NOT ENOUGH BUT WITH/BECAUSE OF GOD WE ARE. AND REMEMBER IF YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH FOR YOURSELVES THAN YOU ARE TRULY ENOUGH TO ME.YOU MATTER TO ME. lol sorry just thinking all these things in my head.

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