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I Am Me

[b][c=#000000]I actually decided lately that I like being me. I'm biologically flawed like the rest of the population but that's OK nobody is perfect. Perhaps I am an enigma at times, yet I'm also a chameleon who'll often change with the seasons. An open book and sometimes vulnerable because my heart feels, sometimes far too deeply.

Caring and compassionate, would give whatever I could to help a friend or someone I love. I don't believe in blaming someone else for my problems. I'll always try to admit if I'm in the wrong or accept responsibility for my actions. I think my biggest pet peeve is when someone you care about, kicks you to the curb for no reason or explanation. I'm soft spoken yet spirited and won't be pushed into a corner. I forgive far too easily although I cannot forget because sometimes the pain that's inflicted upon us can leave scars that only you know remain etched inside. [/c][/b]

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@seeandhear Thank you, it's OK my friend. I know that it's just called life and as a wonderful elderly client once told me "Always remember and this to shall pass." 馃
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@seeandhear I know that to be so very true my friend. When you're having one of those days, I try and always remember those precious words. I'll tell you about him one day, such a remarkable man. Goodnight dear friend, sleep well. 馃
ThroughMyEyes56-60, M
Always be you as that's what people that matter will always be drawn to.
@ThroughMyEyes I believe that to be so true, I've come to that conclusion awhile ago. It's the purity or beauty of a heart and soul that are often reflected through our eyes.
ThroughMyEyes56-60, M
@sensualbeauty1 Perfectly put!
@ThroughMyEyes Thank you, so appreciated.
Dolimyte41-45, M
I think that you're awesome, flaws and all.
Dolimyte41-45, M
@sensualbeauty1 very true. I know that I've got a few scars inside.
@Dolimyte Unfortunately I don't think there's anyone whose left unscathed in this life. We all have been afflicted or affected via our pain or experiences.
Dolimyte41-45, M
@sensualbeauty1 thats very true.
A true and lovely lady , and a treasure to us all
@warnbrobeachlover1 Bless your wonderful heart my friend. Thanks so much, very appreciated. I just had fallen asleep and my cat burrowed her way under my blankets to nestle against my heart. I'll talk to you later, going back to dreamland again. 馃
@sensualbeauty1 Sleep well and best wishes look forward to it
11knaves1141-45, M
Need more beauties like you in the world
@11knaves11 Thank you, that's very nice of you to say.
Snyderp6956-60, M
You're a beautiful lady through and through.
@Snyderp69 Good morning my friend, thanks so much.
SweetMae70-79, F
Just like your picture, you are a colorful lady! 馃槉
@SweetMae Thank you my friend, truly appreciated. I definitely like being a colourful personality. 馃槈
sandra10141-45, F
You rock girl...keep it up...Hugs
@sandra101 That's very sweet of you, thanks so much appreciated. 馃
Livingwell61-69, M
I like you just as you are. 馃
@Livingwell Good morning my friend, thanks so much. Hope you have a great day.馃
UserNameSW46-50, M
Cool efects
@UserNameSW Thank you, I enjoy the options with colour both cool and warm..
Winston33556-60, M
@Winston335 Thanks so much, appreciated.
GJOFJ361-69, M
@GJOFJ3 Thank you my friend. Hope your day is going well. The sun finally came out here, what a glorious Friday it is now. 馃槑
madmax8336-40, M
@madmax83 Thank you my friend..馃槉
sunrisehawk61-69, M
Such a revealing post...and full of insight that others could learn from.

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