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Maybe my problem is that I think everyone is planning to attack me.

It's difficult for me to imagine people rooting for me to succeed.

I had a good childhood, but I didn't have faith in myself. My parents, though well meaning, didn't know what to do with me.

I was odd, to say the least.

I've lived my childhood thinking that, at any time, my own parents could turn against me.

If your parents aren't for you, then who is. (for a child, that is)

somehow, though, I've grown a lot.
In the last ten years, I've become a whole different person. ON MY OWN.

Well, I shouldn't say "on my own", but damn near close.
I relate to this and I'm sorry
DavidScott · 51-55, M
@PepsiColaP don't be sorry, I couldn't live without challenge.
@DavidScott everyone is met with one
DavidSBianchet · 51-55, M
@PepsiColaP not one, but won
Own it, it was on your own!!

Im sorry that you sense my intent to attack you when you are most expecting it. I like a challenge. yet I didnt want you to really know either, so....
@DavidScott I would fake an evil laugh but im jsut not up to it right now. villains work is never done.
Also, mind if the attack is in March sometime? Id like it to be physical as all the other methods feel, well, wrong.
DavidSBianchet · 51-55, M
@nonsensiclesnail March is good for me.
@DavidSBianchet Wonderful!! I'll let you in on the final details later. I don't want to miss you. Also, do you prefer a good chase or jsut the physical confrontation?? I was thinking a trap, but those are panic inducing for the victim and myself, so thats not likely going to happen. this will be stressful enough as is!
AccursedAlexander3 · 31-35, M
I feel that way sometimes too.
DavidSBianchet · 51-55, M

Did your Mother sing this to you?

AccursedAlexander3 · 31-35, M
@DavidSBianchet I’m sure I’ve sang it before or at least heard it with her.

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