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I hope they never remove this playground equipment. It's been here since I moved here way back in 2000

There was a park at the end of the street I grew up on. We moved to that city in 2000 and some of the original equipment still remains. So much time was spent here. My elementary school was nearby and we had recess and gym class here too.

The teeter totter still remains.

The ball thing is still here too

Swings are still here except the seats in the early 2000s were cloth and the rubber ones didn't happen until the mid/later 2000s

The merry go round and huge metal slide are still here too. I got injured on that merry go round and my graffiti is still there. The metal slide was the best. I remember climbing up it and we used to all play bumper cars on it during recess.

I didn't get any photos of the jungle gym but it wasn't the same one anyway. It's been changed twice since i moved here.

I didn't get photos of the basketball court because kids were playing there but that's still the same.

There used to be a concrete track but the grass grew over it a long time ago.

The gazebo is still the same but didn't get an photo of it.

There used to be these bouncy animal things on springs but those were removed long ago

There was also a baseball diamond where we played baseball in gym class but that was taken out in the mid 2000s.

The sandbox still exisits but it's grown over with grass and the little digging thing qas taken out long ago. Nobody ever really played in it because rumors were going around about cats using it as a litter box which grossed us all out.

The sandbox well what's left of it
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It's great that you have fond memories of the playground equipment from your childhood and it's understandable to want it to stay as it is. However, it's also important to recognize that playground equipment can become outdated and unsafe over time. Playground safety standards are constantly evolving and equipment that was once considered safe may no longer meet those standards. Additionally, regular maintenance and upkeep are necessary to ensure the safety of children playing on the equipment. Ultimately, decisions about whether to remove or update playground equipment are made by local authorities who are responsible for maintaining public parks and ensuring the safety of those who use them.

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