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The only "bad" habit that I have left.

1) Social media is reduced to bare minimum.
2) Quit drugs all kinds that includes even coffee.
3) Quit alcohol two months ago (i used to drink almost everyday)

It's time to quit smoking. I am starting it now. I have prepared mentally for this moment. Also tried to smoke as less as possible to understand the withdrawal symptoms over the last few weeks.

I have smoked my last cigarette just now. I'm done with this disgusting habit. Smoking is the most personal addiction for me.

As usual, I have a specific set of rules while quitting something without any external help. I am not making any "sacrifice" by giving up a habit. I'm not giving up shit. I just chose not to smoke anymore before this becomes a serious out of control problem in future.

Step 1 is to not smoke for 24 hours. Step 2 is for 4 days and the final step is permanent.

Time will tell whether I'm successful or not but I have did a lot of planning and research . The first few days will decide everything. After that, it's just a matter of personal decision to not touch a cigarette ever.
Well done ya! Try using nico patches n gum to get over the urges initially.
Doometernal · 26-30, M
@Vivaci I tried them before. Didn't work. I think it's because of how I approach smoking.

Quitting cold turkey worked with alcohol and other addictions so I'm going the same route.
👍 You know best!!

GuineaPig1 · 36-40, F
Good for you!! Good luck in quitting smoking!!
Lilymoon · F
You can do it. 👌
Doometernal · 26-30, M
@Lilymoon why is your comment tagged as fetish? 🤣
Lilymoon · F
@Doometernal HAHAHA no idea I'll try and edit it. 😆

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