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Honestly what do you think about people who cut themselves?

I am a cutter myself my one friend whom i didnt wanted to tell that i am a cutter found out when my sleeve slipped i just wanna know how people think about cutters honestly
I feel like they need help and love from the people around them. I think if the people closest to them would show they loved them it would help alot. I used to be a cutter and I think that's all I needed. Was to know I was loved and beautiful. I never received compliments growing up and I grew up thinking I was horrible and had intense abandonment issues. NOW I live with horrible scars all over my arms and legs and I'm too embarrassed to go swimming or wear shorts. I can't wear long sleeves at my work when it's 90 degrees out. My life is so limited now. Back then I didn't have a job, no one really saw me so I didn't think about it. I wish I could grab the kids these days and tell them my story. Back when I was younger I had a therapist tell me that one day I would not want these scars on my arms and legs and I told her that I would or it wouldn't matter, I'd always be in pain. That is so far from the truth. Things do get better. It can take years, but they do. I hope this helped.
It depends on why they do it. If it's for attention, they drive me nuts, those show off their little cat scratches to everyone and act sad about it. If it's to cope, well that sucks an all but I can understand, I'd just try to get them high (marijuana). If it's to show how badass you are, then that's fine, it's another form of body modification.
I have absolutely no idea why people cut themselves, it just doesn't compute with me, sorry. How do I feel about it? Saddened, and I think it is horrific that a person would do that to themselves. I do hope that help is out there and available to those that need it.
Read my featured story:) it helps to explain
I used to cut myself, and I was ashamed that I did it. I just didn't know how to get help back then. If the kids cut themselves and then show everyone, they are looking for attention. If they hide it, try not to let it be discovered, they need help, badly.
I think they are crying out for help. I think the scars and the cuts they try to "hide" can be seen quite easily, by everyone, at some point, and these are the visible signs and flags of their violent pain and need for help.
I wish that I could understand an addiction like that. My stepdaughter used to do that, largely out of low self-esteem.
Read my featured story:) I am on a mission to get people to understand cutters such as myself and some others that have posted on here
I started cutting later in life than most people. I was influenced by my ex-boyfriend, who has hundreds of scars :(. I'll be glad to read your story.
I am a cutter also. I try to hide it but sometimes people see. I hope that they realise that it is better that I cut myself than them. Be safe. Good luck and ask for some help.
They need understanding, and compassion. I don't think they are pathetic or anything. I just think they are troubled and need help.
I agree completely!
Maybe people who cut themselves is a way of letting their anger, frustration out

They should seek help but DONT force them as it could make it worse
I won't judge it's like a sickness. That they need help from those around them. That's therapeutic to them. But it's not good
I think they are in pain and just need understanding. I cut as a teen and I know I was in serious pain.
Honestly, I think they are pretty stupid. I really don't understand it whatsoever.
It's a form of self hate and an addiction. I agree with jazzylovely it is a form of self harm as well.
They feel release from the pain... it's better than feeling numb
I think they just need a good friend :)
Clumsy buggers !!!

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