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Would you be happy if women around the world started to get more pay than men in their jobs? It'll be a fantastic thing.

No I wouldn't, you don't fix a problem by flipping it, then it's the same problem just with different people. You fix it by equalizing it. The only thing that should determine how much someone makes is their work itself. If a women is working harder and better than a man at a job then give her a little more, and vice versa.
Austin300 · 26-30, M
Would you be okay with single mothers getting paid more than everyone else just to look after their children?
More? No. Raising their paycheck just for that reason alone seems unfair. Now if they are working hard even while raising a child then they may deserve a bit larger of a wage, at the employers decision of course. Now even though being a single mother shouldn't immediately mean a larger paycheck, I think it is fair to give better hours and much more flexibility in scheduling.
I was under the impression that the only reason there's a difference in pay was skewed by the outliers of the group. I'm more worried about the fact that 1% of the people own 40% of the money.
More? Only if more qualified. Equal pay for equal skills would be great,
That's the reason why you don't see any male strippers.
Austin300 · 26-30, M
I think they should just be paid equally and have it done with
nope just the same would be nice
That would be great to see equal pay :)

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