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So happy for all people in America that they canhave gay marriages in all States. Wonder how those anti-gay are feeling?

I'm neither pro or against but i don't think it's right. Well in my religion it's forbidden
Yeah but I respect them. So I'm just like no care on that new trends rainbow now, I actually did change my profile pic to rainbow because it's cool and i thought it was about pride only but got scolded so change it again:(
Austin300 · 26-30, M
I don't see anything wrong with having a rainbow as a profile picture. It could have different meanings.
Yeah true but now the meaning of it is about gay marriage and it seems like everyone is just following the crowd or the trends so it looks like they are using it and so many innocents don't know what it means. Yk people sometimes could be foolish
Hopefully the amount of supportive people will outnumber any remaining homophobes and bigoted individuals. After all, Love Always Wins! ^~*
Austin300 · 26-30, M
Damn straight about love always wins 😎
Your hair reminds me of ace Ventura
Austin300 · 26-30, M
Thanks 😄 So does that mean you like my hair then?
It's interesting 😂 jimmy neutron too
Austin300 · 26-30, M
Classic! Good one 😂
I feel like its about time for another bodybuilding meal
Lol if they don't like it ! They can leave . ^_^
Fucking weirdos !

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