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Since Adolf Hitler was a "regular" drug addict, what other top Nazis were? Hehe, I've been antsy about learning ww2

Well you have to understand that, for the time, a lot of medicine was doping up on heroine and cocaine. You know Coca-Cola? That used to have cocaine in it, and was prescribed by doctors to cure tiredness and depression. In fact, a common treatment for depression and anxiety in women was to have a good ole' fashion orgasm, delivered by el doctore himself! Actually, that's why the vibrator was invinted, so doctors could induce an orgasm on demand without having to use their own fingers.
Goering was addicted to morphine after being shot in the groin in the Beer Hall Putsch.
of all the things ww2 you want to focus on the Nazi drug addicts? lol
That's not the part of World War II that's even relevant
gerbel was a weed smoker

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