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What unethical experiment would have the biggest positive impact on society as a whole?

馃 not sure, but would happen if parents were given a set of kids and rotated in phases to not grow attachment of favoritism.

Would they be able to tell which children were genetically theirs?
Would the child question having more than one set of parents or be content in choosing among them which they seemed more their own?

What if humans behaved like other animals and gave more of an independent push to their young... How much would society benefit or fall apart?

So... Many socio-behavioral questions, so little time
Tatsumi31-35, M
Genetic engineering, imo. To make humans more resilient. All it takes is a poke for someone to bleed out. Tougher skin, redundant organs, bones as strong as steel, better immune system response, longevity, intelligence, increased empathy or reduced aggression, advancing human instinct by 20,000 years, so it can catch up to our modern development, etc, etc. Could have a lot of positive impacts, I think.
ButterFly202318-21, M
If we use all our nuclear weapons at once, will we survive?

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