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Dr Johnson from UC Berkley and other scientists meet at a beach house in California and start to question evolutionary theory. (video)

Northwest · M
Spoiler alert:

1. He died more than 3 years ago.

2. He was a LAW professor, not a scientist.

My barber has some ideas as well, and he’s looking to get it peer reviewed.
Northwest · M
@Carazaa I would rather not waste time watching claims I'm already familiar with.

No one knows what preceded the Big Bang, but it took about 750 million years, after earth was created, of randomness, before the first cell developed. It took another 3 billion years, or so, after that, for humans to start evolving, as a result of a random mutation.

I did not come from a tadpole, but when you put it that way, it means that you have not really read up on human evolution (and not just Darwinism). I encourage you to do so.

No one can explain what preceded the Big Bang, but what happened since, is an exercise in randomness.

Have a nice day.
Carazaa · F
@Northwest We are not random! We are created, and we are accountable to our creator. ❤️ A loving creator who sends me and others here to point you to the only hope this dying world has, Jesus! 🙏
Northwest · M
@Carazaa If you accept that there is a Big Bang, then you must accept that everything that followed is totally random.

Even the Catholic Church, is a big proponent of evolution, and the guy who developed the Big Bang theory, was a Catholic (Jesuit) priest.

You can choose to believe what you want, but religion is invented by man, not downloaded by a God.
They really don't like it when you ask hard questions

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