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What if you were infatuated with someone and one day they started picking their nose, not a little, they're going ham on their nose, digging for gold

They have become an unsocialized animal.

Does the infatuation fade?
Jarffff · 46-50
When infatuation is already there, nose picking is a plus, it's cute and endearing, you want them to pick your own nose!!
Rolexeo · 26-30, M
@Jarffff Is it real love if they don't pick your nose?
Jarffff · 46-50
@Rolexeo Sure, nose picking is just an extra if it applies.
KingofBones1 · 46-50, M
How about they start rubbing their balls in public or how about she starts scratching her coochie and asking you for some lotion I wonder what your reaction would be then LOL
this hasnt happened...... yet
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