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Normal people talk during sex?

I have to remind myself to moan because it’s not natural to me to make noises because I have the flavor of autism that makes me incredibly silent no matter what. I can be in intense pain and you’ll never know 😅 so even though I enjoy it, I won’t make a sound. So I force myself to make sounds so my partner knows they’re doing good.

This was worse a kid. It for some reason never crosses my mind that I should acknowledge people. Like if you tell me something and I hear you, I’ll just take a mental note but I won’t even say anything back or look at you. I eventually realized I have to tell people I hear them and understand.
ArkBallet · F
Yeah, a lot of people do. That actually sounds more difficult than people who are naturally loud. I wouldn’t be able to live like that, I love being expressive when I feel things!
ArkBallet · F
@MorbidCynic Damn, that sounds hard!
@ArkBallet it’s not hard if you don’t know any different lol the only hard part is when people can’t just read my mind and know what I want 😡
ArkBallet · F
@MorbidCynic Yeah I imagine that never stops getting frustrating
Lilyb · 22-25, F
Just when I'm on the phone calling him a Uber...
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