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6 Tools to Fight Satan. How to protect ourselves from Satan's plans for our lives

Today we will discuss a topic that may seem abstract to many people, but for us, believers, it is very important. We will be talking about Satan, an evil Spirit who, turning away from the Creator, tirelessly looks for ways to destroy us and distance us from God.
Although it is not visible to the human eye, its impact on our lives is real and dangerous. Satan is a master of manipulation, he wants to mislead us to take us away from our values and goals that are important to us.


. His actions can be subtle or direct, but they are always directed against us and our spirituality. Its main purpose is to lead us away from God, to distance us from faith and to lead us on a path that does not lead to salvation.
He directs his action against us so that we commit sins, distance ourselves from God, and suffer spiritually. Satan is always clever and uses our weaknesses to tempt us and draw us to his side.
However, as believers, we have tools that allow us to resist Satan's actions. In this video we will talk about ways to protect ourselves from Satan's influence and how to develop our spirituality to be strong and resistant to temptation.
We believe that this film will be a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration for you to maintain a strong spirituality. We invite you to watch the video and share your thoughts in the comments.
Starting today's topic, let's read an excerpt from the first letter of Saint Peter, chapter 5, verses 8 to 9.
"Be sober! keep watch! Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Strong in faith, oppose him! You know that your brothers in the world suffer the same sufferings.
As people who believe in God, we are exposed to the attacks of the devil and his influence. This is normal and should not surprise us. Satan is the opponent of God and His plans for our lives, therefore he wants to distance us from God and destroy our spiritual life.
Bearing in mind the passage of the Holy Scriptures read earlier, let us ask ourselves the question: what should we do when the enemy of our soul attacks us. Should we remain passive, taking no action? Should we wait, hoping that our oppressor will let go and go?
The answer is: of course not. Saint Peter says: Be sober, watch! In this passage, he wants to tell us that it is we who should be careful, because our adversary, the devil, is ready to attack us at any moment. Satan is a real being who resides here on earth and as Saint Peter says; "Like a roaring lion, he prowls around looking for someone to devour."
Saint Peter's metaphor of the devil as a roaring lion circling around us, looking for someone to devour, shows us what a formidable adversary Satan is. Saint Peter does not say that we should be afraid, and above all that we should run away, no. He says to us: Strong in faith, oppose him!
These words should instill courage in our hearts and faith in the power of God. It is very important that as believers who strive for perfection, we resist the influence of Satan. Let us be courageous and constantly strive for our faith to be our defense and strength in the fight against the forces of evil.
As Saint Peter says, we are to fight, oppose evil and never back down from it. The fight against evil, especially against Satan, is a constant challenge for each of us.
At this point, the question arises, but how are we to fight, how are we to oppose the evil spirit who is cunning, deceitful, deceitful, and his actions are not only obvious and direct, but also subtle and deceptive. To get an answer to this question, let's look again at the Holy Scriptures and read a passage from it. Ephesians chapter 6 verses 13 to 17.
“Therefore take up the full armor of God, that in the evil day you may be able to resist and stand, having fought all things. So go into battle, having your loins girded with truth, and the breastplate of righteousness, and your feet shod with readiness to preach the good news of peace. In every situation, take faith as a shield with which you will be able to put out all the fiery darts of the Evil One. Take also the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, that is the word of God."
Saint Paul presents us with the full armor that we should put on to fight Satan. The spiritual armor that Saint Paul talks about in the letter to the Ephesians is a set of tools that God makes available to us so that we can face Satan and win our spiritual battle.
This armor consists of various elements that are metaphors for the qualities and attributes we must develop in order to be ready for battle.
The first piece of spiritual armor is the belt of truth. This belt symbolizes our willingness to accept God's truth as the foundation of our faith. The Belt of Truth is our commitment to the true teachings of Scripture that will help us distinguish the truth from Satan's lies and manipulations.
We must know, accept, and act upon the true teachings of the Scriptures in order for our battle against Satan to be effective. The belt of truth provides us with a stable foundation on which to build our lives.
The second piece of spiritual armor is the armor of righteousness. The armor of justice means first of all the acceptance of God's justice in our hearts. We receive it through faith in Jesus Christ and His sacrifice on the cross for our sins. However, the armor of righteousness also means striving to live in accordance with God's commandments and values.
When we wear the armor of righteousness, we protect ourselves from the influence of Satan and his lies. He often tries to convince us that our unrighteousness and sins disqualify us in the eyes of God, but it is the breastplate of righteousness that reminds us that we have been justified by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and faith in Him.
The third piece of spiritual armor is the boots of peace-readiness. They mean readiness to spread the Gospel. They also symbolize readiness and determination in bearing witness to Jesus Christ, who brings peace to people.
We must be willing to serve others and help them in their spiritual warfare. The shoes of peace-readiness symbolize our readiness to serve God and others who need the word of God and who have not yet come to know Christ.
The fourth piece of spiritual armor is the shield of faith. It serves to guard against the arrows of lies and doubt that Satan can intensify to weaken our faith. We must believe in God's power and His promises to be protected from Satan's influence. Believing in God is trusting that He is all-powerful, wise, and good, that He is in control of every situation, and that He loves us.
The shield of faith also signifies our willingness to protect our faith and fight against the lies and obstacles that Satan puts in our way. The shield of faith helps us protect ourselves from the attacks of Satan, who wants to convince us that God has abandoned us or is unable to protect us.
Faith also gives us the strength to resist the temptations that Satan throws at us. When we have faith in God and His promises, we are more likely to make the right decisions and stay in His way, even when the world around us encourages us to do otherwise.
The fifth piece of spiritual armor is the helmet of salvation. Referring to the meaning of the helmet of salvation, it is worth noting that salvation is a gift that God has given us through faith in Jesus Christ. The helmet of salvation allows us to stay clear and calm in difficult situations because we know that our salvation is in Jesus Christ.
This frees us from the fear of death and hell, allowing us to focus on serving God and growing our faith. The helmet of salvation is a very important piece of spiritual armor because it protects our thinking, our faith, and our hope of eternal life with God. Without it, our minds and our faith would be vulnerable to Satan's attacks and our hope of salvation would be jeopardized.
The last element of the spiritual armor is the sword of the Spirit, i.e. the Word of God. It is a symbol of the strength and power that Scripture gives us. This sword is an important tool we have in our fight against Satan. We must know the Scriptures and be able to apply them in our spiritual warfare. Its power and authority comes from God Himself and allows us to defeat Satan.
The Word of God is like a sword to us with which we can cut off all lies and resist Satan's temptations. However, in the context of spiritual armor, the sword of the Spirit means more than just a physical weapon. The Word of God is the source of wisdom, knowledge, and inspiration.
It is through him that we learn about God's plans for our lives, His love, and His directions. God's Word helps us discover our true calling and strengthen our faith. It is worth noting that the fight against Satan is not a one-time event, but is constantly taking place on various fronts of our lives.
Satan attacks us through our weaknesses, lies, sins, and the evil influence of others. Therefore, we must be ready to fight at any time and in any place. Our fight against Satan requires constant effort and commitment, but there are huge benefits from it - freedom from sin, peace and joy in Christ.
The fight against Satan is difficult and requires a lot of effort and determination from us. Many people try to fight Satan in their own strength and fail. Despite our best efforts, Satan always finds a way to defeat us. We cannot rely on our abilities and skills alone, because our forces are limited.
That is why it is so important for us to realize that we must rely on the power of God in our fight against Satan. It is God who gives us the spiritual armor that enables us to fight Satan. Without this armor, we are defenseless and unable to face our adversary.
However, for our spiritual armor to be effective, we must wear it and apply its elements in our daily lives. We must be ready to fight and use the power of God to win our spiritual warfare. It is through the spiritual armor and the power of God that we can defeat Satan and achieve victory.
Let us remember that if we try to fight Satan in our own strength, we will always lose, we will always fail. Only with the power of God and the grace present in us can we win against the forces of evil. Let's remember that we are God's children and God is not afraid of anything, so let's not be afraid of the evil spirit, let's not treat ourselves as losers, but let's trust in God who is our protection.
As children of God, we have the assurance that God loves us and cares for our well-being. In the Letter to the Romans, Saint Paul writes: "The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God." In other words, the Holy Spirit who dwells in us confirms our belonging to God's family. He gives us confidence and strengthens our faith.
In Psalm 91, God promises us his protection: "He who dwells in the care of the Most High and dwells in the shadow of the Almighty says to the Lord: 'My refuge and fortress, my God, in whom I trust.' It is a reminder that God is our refuge and the power that protects us from all evil.
In the Letter to the Romans, Saint Paul reminds us that as children of God, we are heirs of God and have received the spirit of sonship: "For you have not received the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the spirit of adoption as sons, whereby we can cry out, 'Abba , Father!" "
It is a reminder that as children of God, we should not act like losers, but be strong in God and trust Him always.
In the Gospel of John, Jesus says: "My sheep listen to my voice and I know them. They follow me and I give them eternal life. They will never perish and no one will snatch them out of my hand. My Father who eats he has given is greater than all, and no one can snatch them out of my Father's hand."
These are powerful words that give us the certainty that God is with us and that His power is greater than that of Satan. In conclusion, as Christians, we should not be afraid of Satan and evil spirits, because as children of God, we have the power of God to protect us and give us the strength to fight.
At the same time, we should not and cannot fight Satan in our own strength, but always rely on God, using the armor Saint Paul spoke of. Our faith and trust in God should be steadfast, because He is always with us and helps us in the fight against Satan.
God is our Father who loves us unconditionally and protects us from all evil. We should not succumb to Satan's temptations and trials, but always remain united to God and rely on His power.
Let our faith in God be our strength and motivation to fight Satan and evil, always remembering about the spiritual armor that we received from God Himself. Let our lives be an example for others who seek truth and peace in their lives.
Thodsis · 51-55, M
The first tool to protect ourselves against Satan is the use of coherent language.

You are writing in tongues. Which we have been told is the cant of fools.

"Sayeth not when cursed foul. Be not when found cursed".

From the Book of Zebedee....

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