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About other "dimensions"

I used to have dreams before, around five to ten minutes ... in which I am in another better world, similar to this one, but there is like a higher vibration and a nice state and peace and tranquility..
For example, I was sitting at my PC at home, I was on YouTube and I was looking for musicians I know, etc. various films, everyone was there, but there were songs and videos on the menu... which do not exist in this reality.
Nothing from our world, everything was new...
And it wasn't just about the image and sound, but also about the feeling.. every time different Good emotions and vibrations came from it..
Maybe it was formed by the brain itself, but most likely it was a connection to another dimension..
When I clicked on mass media there was only good news, no crime, only new scientific inventions, medicines, also the world map always looked different..
Based on these experiences, I am sure that every person, every play, movie, and song, every day we lived here...has its other versions, in the brighter worlds (heaven) ..and in the dark ones (hell)
Once every few months, it's so intense that already in the dream I kept yawning and was grounded..
Our life form couldn't handle staying there yet..
Sometimes it was crazy.. the perception as in childhood .. and on top of that the state was like a combination of different drugs .. and much stronger. you couldn't even move.. the closest the state would be to dance drugs, but I have no possibility of comparison..
After such a dream, after waking up, my body vibrated for another five minutes and it had to catch its breath .. the state of peace and happiness left only after half an hour ...
But I also often visited "hell".
There is a strange dark state, a little hardness of everything and an atmosphere like in mad states ..
Each of the beings in that dark world did the same thing as here, they looked the same, but they were all there together at the same time in similar streets as here, playing Dark Melodies everywhere..
According to some theories, hell is a place for those who want to sin and do bad things and so on...
But each of them will always pay for it there, not like in our world, everything will be returned to them so that the soul does not disintegrate in the black darkness..
InHeaven · F
These dreams of “other dimensions” , “being reborn” somewhere else etc. is all a product of vanity. Even in Christians who pray constantly. They fall into vanity which result in these magnificent out of this world dreams. Demons can make your body not only vibrate but do other crazy things, beyond that. This dreamy stare goes away after confession and Holy Communion

voluptuousness of the mind, so to say. Deriving (and indulging in )the pleasure and good feelings out of the images and “other dimensions” the demons show you during sleep, if the person quit all possible physical sinning in real world. Demons then transfer their works into sleeping dreamy state.

Extremely hard to get rid of...since the person does WANT to believe that they actually did visit some “other dimensions” , and so they hold on to this idea themselves with all their free will...making the demons’ job even easier...
PinkMoon · 26-30, F
Wow,that sounds amazing.
InHeaven · F
@PinkMoon ..it only sounds amazing... but in reality its a very dangerous mind trap

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