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relationship problem.

Hey um, i haven’t been on here for a while now, and that’s actually great, but recently i’ve had some relationship problems.
To start this off, i had a guy (who’s currently my boyfriend), that i was talking to throughout the summer, starting from the 22nd of june. Him and I started becoming close after me and my ex broke up, and I stayed at his friends house (my current boyfriends friends) and i started gaining feelings for him. On the 24th of july we got together, we lasted a month but i realized that i had lost feelings for him once already in that relationship and i thought that they wouldn’t come back for the second time because i sorta got them back after losing them for the first time but then they disappeared again. I broke up with him, but after the first week of the break up, i felt so lost and empty, like i wanted him back because he was a total sweetheart and i had never met someone like him. On the 9th of september we got back together at my friends birthday party, and we’re currently still together. But here’s the thing, i’ve lost feelings again, and i have no idea what to do, because i don’t wanna lead him on, but i can’t seem to break up with him so soon, because it’s gonna hurt him even more (i think so at least) but there’s literally 0 feelings for him left in me and i’m so scared of breaking up again because there’ll be no third chance and i’m honestly not even scared about the fact that i won’t get him back, i’m more scared about his mental health. Please help? (plus, i am aware that i have daddy issues and i don’t do well with healthy relationships, and there’s literally nothing wrong with the guy, he’s the absoloute sweetest person ever, but i just can’t deal with that at the age of 15 and i didn’t realize it sooner.)

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