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Would you stay loyal to your actress girlfriend or would you elope with one of her best friends?

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Sloane Avery - Your girlfriend, future wife, and mother of your kids
Anna Marie Dobbins - Your girlfriend's best friend, secret side piece, and future wife through elope
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If you were the boyfriend of Actress Sloane Avery, which of these two options would you take?

1) Stay loyal to your Actress Girlfriend Sloane Avery.


2) Begin a sneaky relationship with your Girlfriend Sloane Avery's Best Friend Actress Anna Marie Dobbins. Then while Anna lies to Sloane about being busy, you also lie to your Girlfriend Sloane about the week being full of work. When in truth, both you and Anna Marie Dobbins go to Vegas and sneakily tie the know.

[b][i]Here are photos of your Actress Girlfriend Sloane Avery[/i][/b]

[b][i]Here are photos of Actress Anna Marie Dobbins[/i][/b]

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