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Sally Pressman vs Bethany Joy Lenz

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Sally Pressman - The wife and mother of two kids
Bethany Joy Lenz - The wife's best friend and future adopted mother of both of Sally's kids
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If you were David Clayton Rogers, the husband of Actress Sally Pressman and you have two kids with Sally Pressman. Let's say that you are getting bored of your marriage to Sally Pressman, which of these two options would you choose?

1) Stay loyal to your wife Sally Pressman


2) Begin having a secret affair with her divorced best friend Actress Bethany Joy Lenz. In this situation, the both of you secretly plot to gaslight the shit out of Sally Pressman so that she can get institutionalized so that after you divorce Sally Pressman, you can marry Bethany Joy Lenz, and then it will be easier for both you and Bethany Joy Lenz to have Sally Pressman's Parental rights taken away, so that Bethany Joy Lenz can legally adopt the two kids that you have with Sally Pressman as her own and Bethany Joy becomes their mother now and she is no longer the stepmother anymore. Bethany Joy Lenz will also change the middle name of the daughter that you have with Sally Pressman to her middle name, Joy.

Here are photos of Sally Pressman:

Here are photos of Bethany Joy Lenz:

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