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How to comfort your wife when she's sad ?

My wife is upset over a documentary she watched of a young girl who was abducted sexual and physically abused by her own step father who wanted revenge for her mom divorcing him he even forced the poor girl to have 10 children who the fuck does that to they're own kid. My step son is 11 so he's practically the same age as that girl when the sexual abuse began his dad died a few years ago we got married 2 years after he passed I'm 21 she's 30 but I'm very nice and more mature than most step parents are I would never do that not even beat or threaten my own kids. He even got her pregnant at 12 forced her to have a miscarriage and flushed her baby down the toilet who the hell does this then at 15 she had a baby. They moved several times changed her name her looks he said her mom didn't want her he picked her up from school at 12 forced her into marriage. He beat her with frying pans baseball bats machetes even shot her several times over the years how the fuck can someone survive all this as young as her and the kids are especially being shot the fuck sorry but this is making me mad. He even hurt and threatened and sexually abused his own daughters surprised he didn't have grandchildren. Who the hell does this to their own step kids and family this story is so fucking sad and depressing how did they survive almost 20 years of this shit my wife is now scared to have sex after we done it 1,000 of times. Like how could someone survive. I have so many questions about this it blows my mind. Who marries they're own kids biological or not and forces them to have their kids that's disgusting I'm literally gonna be sick. I can see why she's scared. How can I calm her down ? How the fuck did this poor girl and her kids survive ?
TESSA111 · 51-55, F
Disgusting I hope he got what he deserved although anything that's done to him will be too mercyful for his crimes.

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