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I Live In a Sexless Marriage

Last night I woke up wanting to snuggle. I know I could have snuggled with hubs, I just didn't want to. Instead, as he snored next to me, I found myself feeling lonely. I've never felt that in my marriage before. He was right there. I know he would have been happy and felt validated if I did roll over and snuggle with him. I just didn't want to.

Instead I got my snuggle fix with my daughter. Happy I am teaching them snuggling is a good thing :)
No, you're not teaching them snuggling is a good thing. It sounds like a bad idea to wake your daughter up (?) to snuggle instead of snuggling at night with your husband. Having been in a SM, I fully empathize with your frustration, I just don't think it's a good idea use your daughter as a substitute for your husband.

Your daughter's seeing that you and your husband aren't physically affectionate with each other is teaching her what to expect out of her own marriage.
notlovingit · 51-55, F
Yeah... You're right as always
I can remember being tempted to do the same thing. At least the kids liked to cuddle....
notlovingit · 51-55, F
:) thank you
I consider myself lucky that, should I feel the urge to snuggle, there are two dogs (and usually at least one cat) who will be more than happy to receive the embrace. Of course the downside is that they usually view that as an invitation to sleep on top of me or burrow into me until I'm clinging to the edge of the bed. Upsides and downsides I suppose.
Sounds like you've become much more done lately?
notlovingit · 51-55, F
Yes I have. Time table has been moved up.
Here's to a happier life (clink)
Dog and kids. Thank god. I love snuggling with all of mine.
kids are growing up, married, glad I've got 2 cats and a dog
Hey how could you want to snuggle and not want too?
That is truly awesome!

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