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Is marriage or having kids more like slavery?

Depends on who you're married to.
rckt148 · 61-69, M
in the past I did not get the value of a good woman and my kids
I was to busy being successful so we could brag about our toys ,real stupid now that I can look back ,,but at least I have had both ,money and love
but now I could not imagine my life without my kids
from my oldest Daughter who turns 40 next month to my son who is 9
3 girls and one son ,3 granddaughter and one grandson
they are the reason I want to wake up everyday.
Were it not for them I might be ready for a dirt nap
i'll accept 90 % of the blame for my failed marriages
and I can say many bad things about my last relationship ,
but if all we got from it was our son ,He is worth it ,
I hope one day she will use the college I paid for LOL she is good at her job when she wants to work and a lot of people need her skills ,but thats her life now ,our son is well provided for.
Not knowing how to balance your life could seem like slavery I guess ,but I always was good at picking jobs I loved ,and my skills in high demand ,so that was never a problem ,until I had to reinvent myself ,going through a failed marriage and health problems at the same time ,that almost done me in
My last heart break even my kids had no clue how to help me ,they just gave me my space for 2 years until I figured out where my life was headed
but now they are 100 % there for me ,we are a very very tight family and even my son in laws respect me ,call on me for help as needed but I never interfere or meddle ,I had my life ,now I let them live theirs ,I am just blessed they include me ,and my Grandkids ,now they are almost grown and want to live with Papaw ,but I made their parents be self reliant ,I will expect no less from them ,
My kids are already fighting over who will take care of me when I can't
and since they take care of the elderly for a living ,its not like they do not know what they are getting into ,,I am a blessed man
and my kids are my greatest treasure on earth ,may all be as blessed
Many might take theirs for granted ,or see the sacrifice to raise them as a burden ,I never have ,and now I reap the rewards
and I am blessed when others tell me they are a good reflection of me
with all my screw ups in life ,when it comes to my kids ,I did something right
its a blessing when you find the one you love
Adogslife · 61-69, M
It's like hitting a wall at 70mph. Your life as an individual comes to a dead stop.
[b][c=#003BB2]No, they are both choices you make.

Slavery is not.[/c][/b]
@Underconstruction Thank you.
Neither. Unless it's an arranged marriage. I hate that shit. Fuck customs and traditions. I'd rather die than be in an arranged marriage. Hell I would jump in front a train if that happened. If I'm going out, I'm going out on my terms.
nedkelly · 61-69, M
People who get divorced are just bitter and could not be bothered working through the bad times
No now you making it sound like a nightmare
Neither---unless you're being [b]forced[/b]. Actual slavery is non-consensual.

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