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My experience

I'm an older guy with 2 adult daughters who are 18 and 22

They both make advances on me which I recently gave in on. They love it as do i
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braveheart21 · 61-69, M
Sounds like fantasy land
rango · 46-50, M
interesting storie
BadDad · 41-45, M
I love the way their pulses race against my tongue as i make them orgasm. I love that less thsn i do them but i love their taste so much. They taste delicious 😋
BadDad · 41-45, M
You can believe or disbelieve what you want, it makes no difference to me
LunarEclipse · 61-69, M
Can you tell us what happened for you to give in?
BadDad · 41-45, M
@LunarEclipse ask the right questions and get the right answer.

I got molested by my father who forced himself onto me. I harboured sour feelings towards him he never felt like he loved me. He died when I was 14 and we never had the chance to know 1)how wrong it was and 2) consent to his advances

The difference between my situation is they came onto me and I 1)haven't a partner to hurt 2) consent as an adult with adults and 3)have their best feelings at heart

I'm not a bad person, just a bit fucked up
tindrummer · M
true or not why are you bragging about it?

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