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Okay but please wait and riddle me this....

How tf do lots of people tell me I'm pretty and I get complimented by men and women equally but none of them ask me out?
Like whyyyyy?? :(
BlueVeins18-21 Best Comment
if you just ask to lick their nipples every time someone tells you you're pretty, one of them will eventually say yes

just sayin' 馃拝
Buildingadoor26-30, F
[@4199,BlueVeins] I can use this advice. Thanks sw.

FeetAreFantastic41-45, MVIP
Maybe you are tooo pretty and people don't dare to ask you out in fear of rejection or think you are 'out of their league'
Buildingadoor26-30, F
[@14020,FeetAreFantastic] Sure. That must be it. I'm just too damn hot of a goddess for these mortals to as much as brush cheeks with me. I'll wait. *turns into a skeleton, waiting, and vajayjay runs dry of cum*
Maybe you come across as too closed off and unapproachable.
ServantOfTheGoddess56-60, M
Are you waiting for someone to ask you out? Have you tried asking someone out?
Buildingadoor26-30, F
[@939246,ServantOfTheGoddess] Yes and I've been rejected.
ServantOfTheGoddess56-60, M
[@1089099,Buildingadoor] Often? Like are you giving up too soon, possibly?

Alternative line of thought: your profile says you are asexual. If that's true (and not just something you put on your SW profile to discourage unwanted dick pics) it might be confusing to many people.
Mordi26-30, M
I was never great with riddles. I'd like to buy a vowel. Double jeopardy! What is the Sun? 馃
Buildingadoor26-30, F
[@14585,Mordi] shut up Mordi. You never asked me out either.
Mordi26-30, M
[@1089099,Buildingadoor] Classic me, not doing things. 馃槺
Turtlepower31-35, M
Do you have rbf? :)
Turtlepower31-35, M
[@1089099,Buildingadoor] Fair enough. Maybe people find you intimidating in general. Especially if you carry yourself with confidence
Buildingadoor26-30, F
[@565666,Turtlepower] I'm normal. Not overconfident or anything I just exist and I try to be social and smile at people etc. They make plans to hang out and stuff with other guys an girls but not with me.
Turtlepower31-35, M
[@1089099,Buildingadoor] I'm sorry :/ I'm sure you're normal too btw, didn't want you to think I was implying otherwise.

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