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Women, what’s it like to live among an entire sex that’s twice as strong as you?

Let me clear some things up firsthand, cause I know people are quick to be offended. I don’t mean any offense to women in saying that men are stronger, physically. Women have their good qualities, too.

Secondly, I know not all men are stronger than not all women. It varies. I’m just speaking generally.

Now that I got through the red tape: really, what’s it like? I can’t imagine living among people who are generally stronger than me. I would be paranoid. I imagine being a woman and having guys approach you is like having a gorilla walk up to me and ask me for my number. 😂 I’d be like, [i]Uhhh, what’s he gonna do to me?[/i]
curiosi · 56-60, F Best Comment
It was nice, really, really nice before feminism took over and ruined it for us.

elafina · 31-35, F
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] you don't want to anyways, it's ok, we can both live with that huh?
As long as you're not taking any decisions about me, or me taking any decisions about you.
Although we both do, even if indirectly.
If you're still not following then excuse me, might be the moment.
[@917679,elafina] Yeah I’m still not following. I’m sorry. XD
elafina · 31-35, F
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] what to do 🙃

Pinkstarburst · 51-55, F
Yeah, no....not once have I been intimidated or frightened by a man who is stronger than me. It’s the weaker ones that go bat-shit crazy and can be unpredictable. I’ve learned, though, that if you stomp your foot and clap real loud they run off with their tail between their legs.
[@6912,Pinkstarburst] yikes..not the foot stamping!!
Pinkstarburst · 51-55, F
[@446022,Bushmanoz] 🤨
[@6912,Pinkstarburst] I just found the clapping and loud noises hilarious
Keepitsimple · 51-55, F
I’ve never felt physically threatened. They usually try to be smooth, lol.
Blaaah · 26-30, F
Well, I’m planning to get a Cane Corso. :D Seriously though, I train, which means I’m as strong as many guys who don’t, and there’s more to it than just strength; I’m used to fighting and tough to knock out. :D
Recently I didn’t keep it up though, got too skinny, but now I’m back on track again, lol.
Blaaah · 26-30, F
[@446022,Bushmanoz] Oh yeah, it’s very important to consider the breed before just getting a dog. Sadly some people go for very active or powerful breeds without as much as considering the training needed, or behaviors which might not fit into their family after-all. Here in Ukraine things are different; unfortunately it’s very common to tie dogs up for life in backyards. We also have a lot of street dogs.
[@341839,Fable] That's really sad, I tell my dogs stories like that but they don't believe me
Blaaah · 26-30, F
[@446022,Bushmanoz] 🤭

It is sad, but I don’t interfere. The culture here is very different than what I’m used to, and it’s not my place to preach. I can at least give my own dog a life filled with love, fun, exercise and structure. 😁
elafina · 31-35, F
Well in a world of relationships and connections and routine and bonds and constant occupation, we don't really notice 🙄 I think our grand grandmothers may have had a different opinion on the subject.
Also, men might be stronger but statistically there're less probabilities to attack us than to attack another male, just as in animal kingdom, opposite sexes are handling it better between them .. now if you're talking sexual assault that is another story, but i think both sexes are equally alert when walking in dark alleys alone at night.

And we're part of a whole, as you pointed out about our good qualities, they don't go separate, we've our ways to cool situations that you might not have or understand as easily.
There are forces not seen with the naked eye, and there are natural laws that most of the time work.
So the answer is: trust. That's perhaps another reason women are a bit more carefree.

And for the rest of situations there's the law, as they've pointed out already.
Summersrain · 46-50, F
We have the police to back us up if necessary. Nothing to be scared of
[@654350,Skylight] But the police aren’t always there.
[@654350,Skylight] male police?
Summersrain · 46-50, F
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] most guys don't want to get in trouble w the police after the fact, so they rarely cause trouble
Sweetie, I will cut you.
SW User
SW User
anyone that says it's not probably hasn't had a man that they thought was meant to protect them threaten or abuse them physically.
[@1021891,VeganNudist] Really? POS he is.
It's just the way it is. I don't know that I think about it much, unless safety is of concern.
[@868864,HannahSky] So when you’re just walking around casually, you don’t really think about it
[@998562,SinlessOnslaught] No not really. It's just normal. Sometimes I hate that I need a guy to do things if it has to do with strength and I can't do it. I like to do things myself.
But knowing all that, they still can tell us what to do or feel guilty about buying something. how did that happen?
FreeSpirit1 · 46-50, F
I can bring most men to their knees....
[@157515,FreeSpirit1] ha..surely this is BA
SW User
All us men on here know that...[@157515,FreeSpirit1]
JoeyFoxx · 51-55, M
[@157515,FreeSpirit1] touché
Red tape 😂 I'm going to think about my reply for a minute
Bluebell · 31-35, F
Most women don’t even notice. Also you’re at risk more than women, men get attacked by other men more than women do.
TheSunisout · 56-60, M
I thought we were surposed to be gentlemen and help and protect ladies not scare them 😊
Jonjdw · 46-50, M
We know better. The gentleman know better.
User41 · 31-35, M
That’s it!

I’m offended!
[@646421,User41] Oh no. Don’t crucify me.

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