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Love, what's it all,about? (For long term couples)

When you first met your partner what did love mean back then and what does it mean now?
pennynoodles51-55, F Best Comment
I've been with Mr Noodles for 36 years. Looking back, I suppose at the beginning of our relationship, we didn't truly know what love was all about. We were only 15 and who knew that we would still be together years later. Our love for each other now is stronger. We have brought up two children together and I have embraced a surprise stepson that was born through an infidelity of his. We have experienced the loss of a baby, the loss of loved ones, the birth of new loved ones and through all of this, we have remained a strong and 'together' unit. As we go in to this slower phase of life, we still want the same things, still laugh at the same things and generally agree or at least agree to disagree on most things. Of course we irritate each other, we aren't the same person and have our own views on things so this is bound to happen but the key to surviving this is to walk away when they are really annoying you....and forget about it. Both of us enrich each other's lives and want to make the other person's life easier.
Possibly one reason that we plod along nicely is because he works away a lot. I think this makes us appreciate each other that much more when we are reunited. Mr N is a very practical, positive person that I love to love and he would probably tell you that I am funny and can make him laugh just with one of my looks.
When he is away, although I am very independent, I do miss him. Mainly I miss the cups of tea that he makes me...(kidding of course). My nickname for him is 'Comfy Slippers' because when I am with him, that is how it is. Everyone loves that feeling of coming home and putting comfy slippers on.
If I was asked the question, "What makes a successful marriage?" I think my reply would be, "Laugh a lot." It has worked for us. 馃榿
Talisman51-55, M
[@14495,pennynoodles] done, but make it two thirty as i gotta go find a rose and remove the thorns from the stem first! X
pennynoodles51-55, F
LOLOL, I just shared this post with him, he is chuckling away too. [@14265,Ironicman]
[@14495,pennynoodles] Liking the part [quote][b]Both of us enrich each other's lives and want to make the other person's life easier.[/b] [/quote]

Blessed be.

JustNik46-50, F
We鈥檙e more like friendly enough acquaintances here so I鈥檝e learned what love was to me more by seeing what it isn鈥檛. It should be a positive thing. You hold each other up rather than knocking each other down. You should be partners, a team. You should enjoy each other, be interested in each other, feel happier to see each other come than go (at least most often lol). I see it like a deep pool. No matter what ripples the surface, beneath it is steadfast and calm. When I was young, the concept had more of a cinderella feel and I didn鈥檛 really try to define it - I was just desperate for it and believed it was always real without a second thought. I appreciate it more now as the gem it is. I鈥檓 not sure I ever would have learned to had circumstances been different.
Talisman51-55, M
'feel happier to see each other come than go'

That single sentence sums it up

Great words Nik. HNY xx
JustNik46-50, F
[@14265,Ironicman] happy new year!
[@23104,JustNik] As usual, heartfelt stuff. 馃
I suppose, in the beginning, it was about excitement paired with unknowing commitment.

Now that we are older, and family members have passed, we are each other's support and encouragement. Our commitment is based on an invisible bond that ties us from the past to the present and future.

When I was younger I would think: Could this person be replaced by another, so my life could be better/more exciting? Now I think, there is no other individual, on the face of this earth, that knows my history and has stood beside me. I will never find that loyalty and love anywhere but beneath my roof. It's sacred and unwavering.

"Out of the hottest fire comes the strongest steel." Chinese Proverb
Talisman51-55, M
Powerful [@872269,tryitfree]
SW User
I suppose for me if you strip away the sex stuff-it is about sharing life. Visions, dreams, worries, good times, bad times. Not having to doubt that you are there for each other.馃し鈥嶁檧锔
Talisman51-55, M
[@17314,Gazelle] always gotta be 50/50 (including 'the sex stuff') even the stuff thats auto drive x
SW User
A love that never changes; the reality does, the excitement does. I debated commenting as I'm very single now, but when I thought of how I loved, and who I loved it doesn't change.
Talisman51-55, M
Credit to you, hope love comes your way soon my friend [@775769,chelseahotel]
At first, it meant that I always felt amazing by his side. Now, it means I鈥檒l be there even when it doesn鈥檛.
Talisman51-55, M
[@344674,turmoil] thats deep and loyal x

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