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Dating/relationship deal-breakers for me

And good Lord, there are a lot of them (as unfortunate as that is):

[b]Any desire at all to have children/start a family (since I do not like kids)

Attraction to my body/looks that eclipses their affinity for the person that I am inside (not saying it's bad to be attracted to your partner, just that there is such a thing as too much lust and sadly that was an issue with my last girlfriend)

Any tendency towards yelling/screaming at me when I don't immediately agree with them or when things don't go their way (bad temper, in other words)

Constantly stepping on people's feelings without apologizing for it

Constantly interrupting/talking over me

Inability to take criticism (even if it's constructive)

The expectation that I should take control in every situation

The inability to maintain their end of the conversation or start a decent one

Randomly feeding me something as an attempt to get me to gain weight, even when I tell them I'm not hungry

The delusion that they should be able to do/say whatever they want, but not me (hypocrisy)



Using others for personal gain


Drama queen

Control freak

Use of tobacco (chewing kind or the cigarettes) or any illegal drugs

Letting parents run their life, even when they live independently

Poor treatment of their parents or friends

Any political or religious incompatibility[/b]
Fantabulous46-50, F
Pfft...that woulda been me done right there 馃槀

Drama queen

Control freak
WeighedDown36-40, M
So you're looking for a female Jesus
SubZeroSlays80826-30, M
[@510099,Mulder] I believe that Jesus went to Heaven and I believe that God probably healed people through Jesus, but I don't believe that Jesus was the legitimate son of God, if that's what you're wondering.
WeighedDown36-40, M
[@344002,SubZeroSlays808] yea,awesome this is also how I believe so I was intrigued
SubZeroSlays80826-30, M
[@510099,Mulder] Wow, that's great to hear :) I'm so glad you're not an atheist! Not that I have any problems with atheists in and of themselves, but I have ran across quite a few snarly ones!
abe18246-50, M
Facial hair. I just can't 馃槩
Fantabulous46-50, F
[@9825,abe182] Lol - well my youth pictures confirm I am a natural blonde but it is only my head that is blonde...
You can post the question 馃槀
abe18246-50, M
[@8743,Fantabulous] no! I post enough pervy questions I don't want people to think I'm really a perv. I'll use your name how's that 馃槈
Fantabulous46-50, F
[@9825,abe182] sure...Go for it 馃槉
馃 You realize this eliminates like 99% of people right?
SubZeroSlays80826-30, M
[@549377,Snowvixen] That's because this generation of people is absolute garbage. Every day God's heart breaks a little more for how greedy, self-centered, materialistic, arrogant, ignorant and inconsiderate we have become.

As one user on here whose screenname escapes me put it awhile back: "I believe most people's hearts are dark and they have no desire to purify it."
[@344002,SubZeroSlays808] 馃 I don't think that's the case. Yes, there are some pretty crappy people out there but God still has hope they will realize their mistakes. After all that is why Jesus died on the cross is it not? I don't think they have no desire, I think a lot of people just don't know how.
SubZeroSlays80826-30, M
[@549377,Snowvixen] Jesus's death was in vain, I'm afraid. I believe salvation comes from our Lord God in Heaven, not from some bearded man who claimed to be His son and born of a virgin.

Yet most people prefer to believe that God doesn't exist and therefore we can all just do as we please. Either that or the ones who say they believe have no idea what it means to be a kind soul.

But I don't see people who want to change their ways. I see people who want to continue down their downward spiral until the bitter end...fuck them.

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