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Why would a man let himself be at the mercy of any woman?

Marriage and children leave a man exposed to the whims of a woman. I watch guys get destroyed in court over it every day. Why would a smart man willingly place himself in such a risky position? In a world riddled by feminism, it seems to not matter when it comes to divorce.
why...... i think its that thing that starts with V and ends in A. LOL
AMERICA1ST · 56-60, M
[@449169,Crushdaddy] I havent seen one that is worth legal and financial ruin
[@645400,Crickets] [@623179,AMERICA1ST] i have found that its better if you just live together instead of making it legal. and i have delayed orgasmic disorder and couldnt cum in three minutes if someone put a gun to my head. LOL
Crickets · 41-45, F
[@449169,Crushdaddy] HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
i have four kids...... and despite two divorces, i dont regret anything. i have four awesome kids and a grandson from it. i will take the bad times with the good. i made mistakes, but thankfully, i have learned from them. i have an awesome girlfriend that is the light of my life. i consider myself blessed.
Crickets · 41-45, F
[@449169,Crushdaddy] That's all that matters!
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
There's a part of me that really does think that some women--not all-- look upon men as ATMs and sperm donors. As long as they have kids, money, and animals, that's all they care about. The male becomes superfluous, a means to an end, and his needs are cast aside. Seen it happen over and over again. It's scary.
AMERICA1ST · 56-60, M
[@329500,uncalled4] And no one ever calls them on it. It is the flaw in society that never holds women accountable for anything because of the risk of being called misogynistic.
uncalled4 · 51-55, M
[@623179,AMERICA1ST] It's called misandry and is real. Will probably never be spoken about on any kind of consequential level. All we guys can do is be wary.
Crickets · 41-45, F
I feel for you men. It's totally unfair in so many ways. I totally agree with you on this one
He wishes for companionship.
AMERICA1ST · 56-60, M
[@337979,ColleenOhara] Get a dog for companionship: much more loyal and a lot less expensive...and in the end, far more deserving.
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AMERICA1ST · 56-60, M
[@689800,wildflowerz] What is sad is that you post no gender, nationality, or age to identify yourself in any way as a contextual basis for your retorts.

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