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theres this girl i liked, she liked me back. and the she didnt

this is just another pointless vent that ive had on my chest and feel like would annoy others if i told them so here. last year around November i got to know this girl and at first i denied liking her thinking i just thought she was a cool person and later on that denial died down and became clarity that i did in fact like her. ill try to describe her for anyone interested enough to read through this; shes pretty tall around 5'7, shes got pretty long brown hair, shes a swiftie, shes got hazel eyes, a bright ass smile, shes funny, and nice, shes just as mentally ill as me, and shes the prettiest face ive seen in my years of living. now as a not so attractive idiot i naturally thought i had no chance with her and i didnt. shes aromantic and she bi leaning towards women(i think im not so sure pls dont end me) point is i was pretty hopeless. but around a month later were chatting and i suddenly blurt out that i liked her. to my surprise she greeted me with a "hey i like you too" and i was overjoyed. we did so much together and were so happy with what we had. unfortunately we were never able to make clear what we had and we were stuck eith [i]mutual feelings for each other[/i]. so that went on for a while, she gave me a teddy bear with her perfume on it and you could just imagine how devastated i was when her scent faded away a few weeks later. in turn i also gave her my jacket with my scent on it. ofc there were many other things we did together but those two events really stuck to me. eventually she started becoming distant. i kept asking her if anything was wrong and she said no, but i knew smth was up. a week of no communication and a fuckton of overthinking later, she finally messaged me. for my safety i wont read back on our conversation and tell you what she said but from what i remember she just didnt like me all that much anymore. i was sad.. i still am. i go insane without her attention. without her good nights and good mornings. no company from her. and now theres no one i have to be worried about when theyre drunk and cant think straight. and i hate that. i miss her. but at the same time trying to fix something thats already this broken will only be bad for me and her. its dumb how im reacting this way for a girl i didnt even kiss yet. but to me the precious moments we shared were the best kiss i couldve gotten from her.
Busybee333 · 26-30, F
Sometimes things happen to people that change the way they feel. If she never gave you the specific reason, it may be something that has nothing to do with you. Maybe she needs to be alone for a while or maybe she wanted to date someone else suddenly. It is weird to imagine but it happens.... she may have thought she was in love but later on she might have had a change of heart. You are right, if she is not willing to continue your relationship, it is best to let her go and carry on with your life - you deserve to be with someone who has sincere feelings for you. She might have been sincere at the beginning but it all changed... it really is better to be alone than accompanied by someone who no longer sees the magic in being with you. Wishing you to recover well and to one day meet a person who won't have a change of heart :)

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