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Does my ex have control over my heart still after years?

There’s a guy who seems respectful and genuine and the type of person whose qualities I’m looking for in a future husband. He wants to go on a date but something holds me back every time no matter who it is. I always think of my ex who I broke up with 2 years ago but do not want him back and do not “like” him. So I don’t know why I think of him. He was my first relationship. I want to go out with this new guy and get to know him more but when the time comes I feel as if I’m betraying my ex. What’s wrong with my?! Why am I thinking this way? It’s super frustrating!
enjoyingitnow · 61-69, M
You are not letting go of the past. Be careful of waiting to long who is to say this new guy isn’t the one for you you will not find out if you don’t give him a chance. Don’t lose an opportunity to explore because of past relationships after all you ended that one so don’t let it be the bar to which you hold for an enduring relationship
Trust me.Most of us have been there.But you have to just let go.
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