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Two tricks for how women can save and maintain most relationships.

However complex the man, we have very simple aspects to us. We like to eat, and we like sex.

Regularly cooking him Steaks and giving him BJs is the best way I know of to keep your man satisfied in his relationship.

This doesn't work in three situation.

1. You had a affair, or are actively having a affair on him, tell him about it, and he doesn't take the news so well. I'm unaware of a cut of steak, western or international that solves that. And if you give him a BJ, he'll likely try to shoo you away like you are a bitter.

2. You dislike cooking for him and feel disgusted giving him BJs and feel like he is using you and it's a intolerable chore. Most relationships end do to women sabotaging the relationship. The initiate the vast majority of divorces. If your mind has become so twisted and sour that doing this feels intolerable, and he's sitting around playing with the kids thinking everything is fine, the situation may fewl unfair, but you haven't been doing your due diligence and are wrecking your marriage and his life. Chances are, starting to cook him medium well steaks, however satisfying for him, isn't going to do squat for you. My best advice to you is try to rekindle your relationship and stop being a selfish bitch, and most of all stop telling me about it, cause I've heard it too many times and wish I was gay because of it. Women have to get kver themselves sometimes to make a relationship work, especially one with kids and in which the husband never actually did something wrong, and especially if you are dependent on him and he is a good provider. Seriously, WTF women.

3. You are Hindu, abhore beef eating, and are in a sexless arranged marriage.

I don't understand the arranged marriage dynamic, it's a weird kink. Everyone arranging your sex life years in advance and you have but one or two supervised visits to figure it out, and you can't even peek at each other's privates because people are watching, and you gotta make a decision for the rest of your life about a conplete stranger. I'd rather be one of those guys wearing leather face masks getting whipped in a dungeon in scary russian porn. I guess make him some ghee lathered vegetable, like a asparagus and go to town on his lap. I'm not sure how that is going to work out in your case. What really is his attachment and expectations? Could be resigned to being quite low. Hey, I hope you too are madly in lust with one another and deeply love. If so, at least the BJs should work. Not sure this theory works on a vegan diet.

Everyone else, this will work. It's so simple. Just accept it, learn to enjoy it, when he comes home place that steak in the pan, ask him about his day as you cook, and then place the food infront of him, and when he has a big smile on his face cutting in, go on your knees. No man is going to leave such a woman. The relationship problems won't stem from him if this is done regularly. You should crave doing this for him, and not just when he's a supposed good boy, or special occasions. Other women are willing to cook for him, keep him interested in coming home.

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