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Should I say something?

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Say something.
It’s only $300, move on.
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My ex owes me $300 and I owe $90. We agreed to pay each other back.

Should I say something? We’ve stopped talking and I want to continue it that way but I also need the money.
Justafantasy · M Best Comment
If you lend a "friend" money and you never see them again it was a good investment

@mindlessdrifter I’m really trying to move on. Ig ill forget about the money
@LeahLovee I get you. At least you are trying and I find that very responsible
@mindlessdrifter thank you. I learned me lesson unfortunately
Have someone be the mediator. That way you can pay each other back without face to face contact
@mindlessdrifter i don’t think im getting my $300 and we did involve family. That went really bad. A restraining order and cops were nearly involved
@LeahLovee Okay I get it Hope things get worked out
ineedadrink · 51-55, M
Cut & leave it, & him, alone. He's your ex for a reason & if it's on bad terms you'll be spinning your wheels. (And not moving on from him)
Can't you minus the 90$ from 300$ and ask them to pay just 210$ ?
Lilnonames · F
Go to his work on pay day

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