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It’s not often that I sleep in the same bed as my girlf

OMG she snores so loud, I’ve been awake from 2am and when I did get to sleep, I had a nightmare.
Lol….. and that sleeping together stuff always looks so romantic on tv. No one is farting, burping, snoring, drooling, tossing, turning, blanket hogging, and no one with bed head, crusty eyes and dog breath the next morning. 🙄
@OlderSometimesWiser How is not all of that romantic? 🤔
@Sojournersoul Lol….. farting, burping etc.,? Not romantic to me but I’ll be happy to pass them along to you.
@OlderSometimesWiser Sure you would. 😂😂😂
A word of advice to all the young bucks out there: stop acting like ancient fossils! You're in your prime, for God's sake. Go wild, party hard, and make some memories that you won't be able to recall the next morning. Leave the grumpy old man act for, well, the grumpy old men. Your early twenties are for living life to the fullest, not complaining about your partner's sleeping habits.

So, my friend, I suggest you invest in some earplugs or, better yet, get your girlfriend checked for sleep apnea. And next time, choose your bed partners wisely. Sweet dreams, and good luck!
judgement free zone bro-man-person.?
Strongtea · 22-25, M
Oh haha!@SW-User
@Strongtea 'K. 🖖

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