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Long lost Father In Law

I just had a baby less than 2 months ago. My husband's family is all over the world in many countries. He never knew much about his father since his father ( as far as he knows) left their country to find work when my husband was 7 and never came back. He met other women and had other children. My husband never saw nor heard of his father since that time.

So fast forward to today and I've been sending a pic a week of my baby to hubby's mom. She lives in Canada.
She casually texts me today that his grandfather ( hubby's supposedly long lost dad) loves him and she has given him my number to call.
My husband is pissed. He has known nothing about them talking for his whole life and she didn't text or call my husband to ask this.
I didn't want to get into any drama so I just said OK.
Also I'd like to know what the man looks like since my husband only barely remembers his dad's name and doesn't remember anything else.
Camelia · F
I can see why your spouse is upset; she really ought to have talked to him first.
REMsleep · 41-45, F
@Camelia True
The implication is that Mom knew his whereabouts and may have been in contact with him for a long time. Why did she not disclose this?
REMsleep · 41-45, F
@LamontCranston Agreed. His family is strange like that. They talk to each other but sometimes my husband seems to know absolutely nothing.
If she had even casual contact with his father for all these years why wouldn't she mention it or encourage him to speak to his own dam son?
It's all so weird that I just don't care to waste mental energy on it. It puts my husband in a weird spot but it is a chance for me to gain some family info (that's if he ever actually calls.)
Her audacity to say that his grandfather loves him??? Really???? Does he also love his own son?
It's just not my place to ask these things since I'm not close to her.
TheDisciplinarian · 56-60, M
All i Can Say is
My Ex..took off with my son when he was 3.5 months old
Now he is 30

A Son Never should Not Grow up without Both Parents

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