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Was it..? By nalani

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Him,it’s only him I want, only him I need well at least that’s what I thought I’m really delusional. He dated me for 12 months he started to act weird the third month but I didn’t think much about it..we were very close still! Into he one day on a online app called discord he had put matching wit her in his bio just to let you know he wasn’t matching with me at all and that’s when I started to overthink. I was going to ask him what is his bio about but I was too scared..later on I texted him and he didn’t reply to me in days I later unfriend his account and I saw his bio again saying all I need is her only her knowing he’s not talking to me I cried for days and days, feeling weak I wanted to send him a message about how I feel so this is what I sent him..” Thank you, thank you for being there for me even though you were cheating on me the whole time I’m pretty sure you don’t wanna even hear from me again but.. ending a 12 month relationship is hard for me, there’s nothing I can really do abt it but I have to do something :). I hope she treats and love you better than I did it seems like she does and I’m happy for you honestly I don’t understand how and why you would do that to me but maybe you stopped having feelings for me! If so that’s okay . Looks like we switch sides .. anyways yea that’s all I wanted to say I wanted to get all that off my chest bye have a good life it was nice knowing you and maybe you had a reason to play me I don’t know and don’t want to know all I can do is TRY to move on and keep crying and shit and accept the fact you don’t want me and just be delusional because I was always delusional it looks like anyways ya! love you bye have a good life with Ella . :).. since I wasn’t able to make you happy or even feel good ^^!! <33”.. a bit cringe but yea.. this happened yesterday I sent that! I really hope he’s happier I’ll still be delusional but eh I’ll get over it keep crying into someone will be by my side since I don’t have no friends at all my sister just thinks I’m crazy over boys but he was the only boy who really made me feel good .. but it wasn’t anything important to him was it..? -Nani
VisionQuest · 51-55, M
Sorry that you're going through this, it really sucks! ❤️
beefo · 26-30, M

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